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A little bit about us…

YRSA About Us

At YRSA Communications, we are proud to be an independent, international and forward-thinking communications agency that’s working to redefine our industry standards. We partner with our clients to help them reach-out, stand-out, create awareness, reassure and find new growth.

We believe that effective communications will allow you to harness and unlock the real power of your business.

There is nothing that we love more than watching our clients stand out, grow and excel in their fields. In today’s landscape, being heard is no longer enough – you need to be listened to. That’s the real difference tailored, and outspoken communications can make to brands.

Each time we engage with a new project, we view it as a unique experience that not only deserves the full attention of the Agency, but those we are communicating to too.

YRSA brings high-quality tools, personalised strategies, tailored technics, and a team with the right experience together to create innovative solutions that will get you noticed.











A philosophy and culture that makes us different:

  • Timesheets are not our thing. Results driven, we like to invoice based on our outcomes and incorporate success fees to motivate our team.
  • We only use unique solutions and tools created to fit each new projet. No copy and paste from us.
  • Each team is built with your project and its needs in mind. We match proven communications experts with sector experience, industry specialists and relevant talent to form an agile and committed group.
  • Quality control at the heart of our services.
  • No challenge too great: our expertise in crisis communications means that our teams can act efficiently in high-pressure situations and anti-social hours.

An Agency without borders

With team members and partners based across the globe, international projects are second nature at YRSA. With offices between Paris, London and Monaco, YRSA Communications is also leader of a network of trusted partners in several countries.